2 - The Mediation

We covered why the friendship between Melissa and Erin ended and what happened in Skype. Now we will see how a mediation attempt was made so that the two of them could be civil to each other.

Included here are the mediation messages between Melissa, Erin, Jennifer Jelinek and Duane Klaus that Melissa copied to Candee Heard Faulkner in Skype, conversations between Melissa and Candee Heard Faulkner that tell more of what happened, Melissa's being added back to the Skype room, Melissa's feelings on why Erin does not want to have a new Skype room created, Erin's motives in her own words behind why she did not want to have a new Skype room created, the creation of a new Skype room and Erin's freakout.

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The message at the top has a mixed up date because of the Facebook profile download. I assume it was sent January 10. This is the fallout from Melissa posting in the "team thread" asking to have a new Skype room created for the team.

The "mediation" has started and this is a Skype conversation between Melissa and Candee Heard Faulkner where they discuss what is being said in the mediation. I'm trying to keep everything chronological to how it was in Skype between the two of them. The actual mediation discussion follows in a couple of pictures.

Melissa talks about Erin going to other people on the team, Melissa realising what she did was wrong and the start of what Melissa posted in the "team thread" about having a new Skype room created and why.

More of what and why Melissa posted what she did in the "team thread" about having a new Skype room created.

When the mediation discussion starts in a few pictures, you'll see how Erin fought to have the existing Skype room kept and the reasons why she wanted this. This next picture explains why Melissa sent a Facebook message to Duane Klaus on January 11 about Erin's request.

The "mediation" between Melissa and Erin run by Jennifer Jelinek and Duane Klaus. This was taken from a Skype conversation that Melissa sent to Candee Heard Faulkner.

A reminder: Just like Melissa said in her note "Melissa Speaks Up" page, Melissa stops, Erin kept going, Melissa ignored replies from Erin (I count 7), Melissa comes back and replies to Erin's pushing and quits again then Erin kicks her out of the Skype room.

Melissa never denied that what she did was wrong. Erin never thought she did anything and that will be clear in a few more pictures.

I think it's pretty clear what Melissa saw when you read the message that Erin wrote to Melissa in Facebook on "The Fight" page. Erin continues to deny it though.

Candee Heard Faulkner is added as an admin in the Skype room. See Erin's reasoning behind this instead of the creation of a new Skype room in the next couple of pictures.

This is more from the Skype conversation between Melissa and Candee Heard Faulkner. Confirmation of Melissa and Erin being asked to stop and Erin's confession to Candee Heard Faulkner, in Candee's words, about what led to this.

More of what Erin told Candee Heard Faulkner, in Candee's words.

Confirmation that Erin set out to hurt Melissa. Discussion of Erin going to David Moalem again when the Skype incident happened.

Insight into Erin's personality.

Example of Erin's games, saying she isn't going into the Skype room to read what is happening cause Duane Klaus instituted the communication ban.

Melissa was added back to the Skype room and Candee Heard Faulkner promoted to admin.

Melissa sends a Facebook message to Duane Klaus about the reasons why she believes Erin does not want a new Skype room created.

Straight from Erin's fingers. She doesn't want a new Skype room created because she doesn't want the group to think she's being removed because she did something wrong. Erin still does not think she did anything wrong. According to Erin, it's all on Melissa.

Erin freaks out over the mediation being extended and blows up. It will make sense in the next few pictures.

Candee Heard Faulkner shares a Skype conversation between herself and Erin with Melissa. Insight into Erin's character.

Erin only cares about someone telling everyone that she's the victim, even if she isn't.

Mediation is extended and it is made clear that they are BOTH responsible for the Skype fight. Remember Melissa asking for a couple of days to process stuff? Erin gets cranky saying she's done everything and more. The text in the box was sent from Melissa to Candee Heard Faulkner and then the mediation discussion was shared with her.

Erin didn't perpetuate the fight, didn't retaliate, did everything in her power to resolve it? Then she claims that Melissa hasn't put in much effort. Melissa asked for a couple of days to process everything.

Erin makes it clear here that she thinks everyone was telling Melissa to stop. They were telling BOTH of them to stop. Then she goes on to prove Melissa's point, Erin pushed after Melissa stopped.

Erin gets crankier.

And crankier. Then she says she sees what Melissa saw but that it wasn't a personal dig. Knowing what she put Melissa through for months and having read Erin's Facebook message to Melissa on "The Fight" page, I'll disagree with that.

Erin gets even crankier here. Duane Klaus is trying to point out both sides of the disagreement to Erin and she sees it as him taking Melissa's side.

Melissa comes back with a level head and answers to her part in the fight.

Melissa addresses being kicked out of the Skype room, what she posted in the "team thread" and Erin going to others complaining about Melissa.

Melissa talks about the Skype fight, Erin's humiliation and exile comments.

Erin was worried about Melissa? LOL more like incessantly complaining to Candee Heard Faulkner and others about Melissa from what I can tell. Again, the text in the box was sent to Candee Heard Faulkner before Melissa shared the mediation discussion.

I think Melissa says it well in the highlighted box. I'll leave it at that.

Melissa mentions talks going on outside of the mediation. She said the same thing in her note on the "Melissa Speaks Up" page.

Again Melissa said all that needs to be said. That is Melissa's reply to Candee Heard Faulkner about the situation in the highlighted box.

Communication ban over. 

This is the transition from the old Skype room to the new Skype room. Erin will once again freak out in the next picture.

Erin's freakout about Candee Heard Faulkner posting in the room before her and apparently "vilifying" Erin. Then she's right back to calm and sweet with "and my mistake, Duane is breaching our agreement". She jumps from one emotion to the next in a heartbeat and thinks nothing of it.

Anybody else dizzy yet?


The mediation is over. Melissa accepted responsibility for her part of the fight. It's clear Erin does not believe she's responsible for any part of what happened.

New Skype room is created. Here's more insight into Erin's character and some things Erin's done since the new Skype room was created that Melissa ignored.

Candee Heard Faulkner wants to test out the controls in the new Skype room and asks for Melissa's help. Erin has a fit.

In part of the mediation discussion, Erin asked Melissa to treat other team members with respect in the Skype room. Is what she does here respectful? Something might have happened in her life but shouldn't Erin's request to Melissa also apply to Erin?


Included here is some insight into how Melissa is feeling because of the fight between Melissa and Erin. Erin's backer, David Jelinek, sends Melissa more Facebook messages. This time he is apologizing for the way he treated her. These messages give us more insight into how Melissa is feeling.


A little insight into Melissa and how she feels things.

Now Erin's backer David Jelinek, that verbally attacked Melissa before, comes back to apologize. There's more insight here on Melissa's feelings.

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