4 - Erin & Charlie Attack

A month after the mediation and Erin is holding a grudge against Melissa. Erin screws up and writes in the "team thread" that she hates Melissa and calls her a f*cking b**ch.

Included here is what Erin wrote in the "team thread", what Erin's backer David Jelinek wrote in the "team thread" for Erin, a Facebook message that Erin sends to Melissa to apologize for what she wrote in the "team thread", Melissa's reasons why she didn't mention what Erin had been putting her through since the mediation until then, secret messages between the people that were on the team with Melissa and Erin, proof of Erin and Charlie going after Melissa and another girl on Melissa's team, proof of bartoc being Charlie and him going after Melissa, Erin blaming Melissa for everything that has happened, Melissa getting "chained" because of Erin, Charlie showing his character by being happy that they have succeeded in forcing Melissa out of Facebook, Melissa writing about what she's doing to protect herself, another of Erin's backers, Jennifer Jelinek, complaining about not being trusted, both of Erin's backers deleting Melissa as their friend and some status messages Melissa wrote in Facebook to show what she was feeling and going through.

Erin's backers participated in Melissa's memorial in Castle Age. It is because of what they did to Melissa that I show you here that me and Macy were upset by their participation. They didn't support Melissa trying to protect her baby daughter or herself. I think deleting Melissa as a friend is evident they turned their backs on Melissa.

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This is what Erin wrote in the "team thread". It shows that she is still holding a grudge against Melissa. Proves that she is still complaining to other people about Melissa too. Erin lashes out and complains about Melissa, painting Melissa as a complainer, in the wrong place. Then she gets all sweet to try and cover her tracks when she lets everyone in the "team thread" know her true character and how she really feels about Melissa.

This is what Erin's supporter posted in the "team thread". This is the same guy that sent Melissa Facebook messages attacking her in "The Fight" page when Melissa wrote in the "team thread" asking to have a new Skype room created. I doubt he attacked Erin for what Erin wrote that is 100 times worse. Erin is trying to cover her tracks because she screwed up and there might be consequences for what she did according to the conditions of the mediation.

This is a Facebook message that Erin sent to Melissa after Erin wrote in the "team thread" that she hated Melissa. Erin's been sending Melissa hate messages since the mediation, but now she's pouring on the sweet.

Melissa telling the one in charge about what she was put through because of Erin since the mediation. This covers why Melissa didn't say anything sooner about what was happening to her.

These are messages sent from people that Melissa and Erin were in the group with. The group Erin and Charlie threatened to attack. It was a secret message that didn't have Melissa or Erin included. It is very evident that Erin has David Jelinek wrapped around her finger.

The "V Day Message" page shows the time frame of the message and that Erin was awake and on Facebook. 

Sorry man, but Erin did respond and drive things to a worse situation. It's all in the Skype messages on "The Fight" page.

Who thinks that Erin immediately posted an apology to everyone because she messed up and was caught bad mouthing Melissa? As for Melissa not apologizing, she apologized in Skype when the fight happened. I don't know exactly what she said in the team message that started the mediation. From Melissa's words in the mediation, it sounds like she asked to have another Skype room created because she'd been kicked from the other one and knew that neither of them would be comfortable with the other being in charge of the team Skype room. Doesn't sound like a horrible offence to me. NOTHING like calling someone a f*ucking b*tch. And David Jelinek received an apology when he attacked Melissa in the messages he sent her the day it happened.

Can't fake what is real and exists. But even now, with the physical proof of the message she sent, she still denies it. Tell me how that could have been faked.

And how is anybody supposed to know what happened in Skype when Erin went and erased the messages. I wonder if David Jelinek saw the messages himself or is relying on Erin's account of the situation. Well, now everyone can see what happened on "The Fight" page and judge for themselves. Melissa never denied her part though Erin always did.

If you read the message that Melissa sent to Duane Klaus up above on February 19, Melissa had already been talking to people about the Valentine's Day message that Erin sent Melissa before Erin posted her message calling Melissa a f*cking b*tch on February 18. The Valentine's Day message was sent on February 14.

Even if we take the stance that the Facebook message sent by Erin on Valentine's Day was fake, somebody would have to be really good at seeing the future to know that Melissa was going to tell people about the messages that Erin sent to her and then that Erin was going to screw up sometime later. Talk about the cards falling into place. Seems more plausible to me that Erin sent the message knowing that Melissa likely wouldn't say anything because Melissa was scared of getting kicked off the team with Erin. Melissa talked about Erin sending her several messages in the note she wrote and this is when Melissa decided to speak up and tell others what she was being sent. I don't have the other messages, but I believe Melissa when she said there were more and I believe Melissa when she said in her note that she was scared of being kicked off the team with Erin if anything else happened between them.


ATTENTION: February 23 is the day Melissa goes into preterm labor and has her daughter seven weeks early. It was shortly after the discussion with Candee Heard Faulkner ended that Melissa went to the hospital. I believe that the stress that Erin and Charlie put Melissa under because of their vendetta was the major cause of the preterm labor and for Melissa's daughter having to spend ten days in neonatal intensive care.

Charlie Vogel uses his account MadHadder and another account called Bartoc DeLover to attack Melissa in Castle Age.

Now the proof that Erin was right in there with Charlie on threatening the team Melissa and Erin were on. These are Skype replies from Charlie about attacking Melissa, Erin not wanting Melissa attacked unless Melissa is bad mouthing Erin, the other girl Charlie was attacking and talk of hert leadership. Erin's always denied her part in Charlie going after Melissa and the other girl. This makes it clear Erin was a part of it all along.

A Skype conversation between Melissa and Candee Heard Faulkner about what went on because of Erin and Charlie.

Another Skype conversation. Discusses Charlie's plan of using bartoc to see if Melissa is a "good person or not" and Charlie going after Melissa and the other girl.

Erin is standing steadfast that Melissa is spreading lies. Proof that Melissa was telling the truth of the message Erin sent to Melissa on February 14 is on the "V-Day" page. Erin is again blaming Melissa for everything "suffered enough at her hands".

Snapshot of Erin's message in Skype that was included in the picture above. Included it to make it clear what part was from Erin.

More of the Skype conversation between Melissa and Candee Heard Faulkner.

Status message from Melissa on Facebook that shows a bit of what she's feeling.

More of what Melissa is being put through and feeling.

A discussion in Skype about Melissa getting "chained" from someone tied to Erin again.

This guy came after Melissa after the fight that started when Erin said how much she hated Melissa in the "team thread" when trying to write it somewhere else.

Melissa explains what went on behind the scenes on that fight.

Melissa deleted many Facebook friends because she wasn't sure who was passing information to Erin and Charlie off her Facebook page.

Melissa's had enough with the "chaining", people sharing information with Charlie and Erin that Melissa shared on her Facebook profile when Melissa has both of them blocked and Erin playing mind games with Melissa. Melissa's tired of it all and is thinking of leaving Facebook.

Here Charlie says he feels really bad about Melissa leaving Facebook. It's obvious that's not what he means.

Melissa writing in her Facebook status about the person who is sharing her information with Erin and Charlie.

Melissa wrote this in the "team thread" to let everyone know why they wouldn't be able to see her Facebook wall. She had no choice but to block people from access so that she could protect her privacy and the privacy of her baby daughter. Someone was sharing information that Melissa was writing on Facebook with Erin and Charlie, two people Melissa had blocked from access.

Facebook messages sent from one of Erin's supporters to Melissa. Jennifer Jelinek is freaking out on Melissa because of what Melissa wrote in the "team thread". All Melissa was doing was trying to protect her daughter and herself from her bullies who use information they get to hurt Melissa.

Erin's supporter decides to remove Melissa as a friend. By the way, this is the same girl who orchestrated the memorial event for Melissa in Castle Age after she died.

Erin's supporters decide to leave the "team thread" right after Melissa wrote her message about having to take some steps to protect herself and her daughter.

After having Jennifer Jelinek get pissed because Melissa blocked her profile, Melissa wrote this in her status on Facebook. Melissa decided to block everyone, all because of Jennifer's stupid reaction.

Another person who is in the "team thread" writes about Erin's two supporters leaving the "team thread" and removing Melissa as their friend. Both of these people participated in Melissa's memorial in Castle Age and it is because of what they did to Melissa that me and Macy were pissed off.

Melissa starts getting some of her spunk back and decides to stay and fight. Facebook status update.

Melissa makes her thoughts clear about the person circumventing her wishes on Facebook.

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  1. Okay, the March 21st message from Melissa is a bit chilling to read, IMHO.