8 - The Real Erin

Here I'll share information that I found about Erin that shows her true character. Some of it's from conversations between Melissa and Erin, some from conversations in group Skype rooms and other information is accessible off the internet.

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Who is Erin Button?
- She uses the fake name Erin Button on Facebook
- Her married name is Erin Hewson
- Her maiden name is Erin Klammer
- She is 39 years old
- Her e-mail address is ironerinbutterfly@yahoo.com
- She has three profiles that she uses on Facebook:
                      - Erin Button: http://www.facebook.com/ironerinbutterfly
                      - Erin MostEvil: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001089393248
                      - Jennifer Juniper: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000560862801

This is a picture of her.

She is an unattractive, overweight, middle aged woman who can't have another child. Why was she after my girl Melissa Lafleur? Was it because of Melissa's beauty, her pregnancy or the attention that Melissa received because she was liked and loved by the people she met. Why did Erin set out on a vendetta to torment, harass and bully my girl? It went on for months and even after my girl died in a car wreck Erin couldn't resist one last torment, see the comments on the note Melissa wrote on the "Melissa Speaks Up" page.


Here are some examples of the kind of person that Erin is.

Erin can't join several groups to do with Castle Age because of problems she has had with people that are in those groups. The ones mentioned here are Hert, Fury, TRO, JSF and JVK. There are more but I don't have their names.

Others have to watch their steps around Erin because of her attitude.

Erin stays with her husband cause of her son and cause she loves her house.

Erin had cyber sex with her husband's friend.

Nobody likes Erin and Erin is ignored. If she's not the center of attention she's unhappy.

Erin whining and complaining about monsters her team fights being too big and she can't get good loot.

These are from a public group on Yahoo called BLCNoExcuses. The address bar has the location for each message. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BLCNoExcuses/

Erin's animosity for other women who are able to get pregnant.

Erin talks about being envious of her friends.

Erin's true colors come out when discussing another women.

Erin is a negative person by nature.

Erin is angry, bitter and jealous of women who can get pregnant.

Erin's mother-in-law can't stand her and thinks her son can do better.

Erin struggles with her weight. Overweight at close to 200 pounds.

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  1. the reason i added the comments erin made in a PUBLIC forum about her feelings toward pregnant women are cause melissa was pregnant.

    in "the fight" page, erin says that melissa would rather have a trip to las vegas than her unborn child.

    like i said on this page, erin is an unattractive, overweight, middle aged woman who can't have another child. melissa was beautiful, slim even during her pregnancy and she was liked. erin even said in one of the pictures i added to this page that nobody ever ignores melissa.

    so all these things that i added, i did so cause i think they show the jealousy erin had toward my girl and i think they are relevant to what happened.

    the posts in that public forum can be accessed by anyone doing an internet search on erin's e-mail address.