1 - The Fight

Do you find yourself asking how this all came about? Here you will see how the friendship between Melissa and Erin dissolved when Erin used information confided to her by Melissa to stab Melissa in the back and hurt her because she felt judged by Melissa.

Included here is the Skype discussion that led to Erin feeling judged, where Melissa confronts Erin, the Facebook message Erin sent to Melissa, Melissa's reply to Erin, the Skype blowup between the two of them and the verbal attack on Melissa from an Erin supporter.

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This is a Skype conversation between Melissa and Erin. Erin had cyber sex with the male interest of one of Erin's close female friends and confides this to Melissa. Because Melissa wasn't able to sympathize with Erin in this situation, Erin held a grudge against Melissa and set out to hurt her. That ended their friendship.

Melissa explains why she can't be objective about what Erin did to her friend. Erin talks in circles about how she regrets what she did but doesn't. Erin tells Melissa she can judge her all she wants. This is important cause later we see how Erin gets back at Melissa for this "judgement".

Melissa calls Erin out on her selfishness.

Erin uses the excuse of what she's been through to justify what she did. Again, she says Melissa is judging her. Erin went after her friend's love interest and can't see why Melissa is having a hard time seeing Erin's side.

More excuses of why Erin did what she did.

Melissa and Erin try to work out their friendship after what sounds like another "event".

Again Erin saying how she felt judged. Melissa saying she wasn't judging Erin and trying to explain again why she couldn't advise Erin on what she did to her friend.

This was also taken from Skype. Melissa copied the conversation she had with Erin on January 3 to Candee Heard Faulkner. Here, Melissa confronts Erin in Skype about what Erin did and why Melissa was hurt by Erin's actions.

Erin denies to Melissa that her actions were done with the intent to hurt her. Erin later admitted to Candee Heard Faulkner that she lashed out and did it to get back at Melissa and hurt her, see "The Mediation" page. The "You can remove me from the TMI-11 chat room if you like I don't care." is later used as Erin's reasoning and explanation for kicking Melissa out of the Skype room.

Erin sends Melissa a message in Facebook. This is a precursor to the fight they have in Skype. Pay attention to what Erin says and maybe you will see what Melissa saw as a "cheap shot" from Erin in Skype. I do.

I could not find Melissa lashing out in Skype or messages. It looks to me like Melissa went to Erin directly in Skype to tell her what she thought of Erin and what she did.

Melissa's reply to Erin's message in Facebook. Melissa addresses some of what Erin says.

The friendship between Melissa and Erin is now over.

This is a Skype chat with Candee Heard Faulkner prior to, during and after the Skype fight between Melissa and Erin. She also believes that the comment by Erin was directed at Melissa. The last entry from Melissa is when she was kicked out of the Skype room by Erin.

This is the Skype fight between Melissa and Erin that happened in a Skype room for their team TMI 11. Here you will see that Melissa and Erin are both going back and forth, it is not one sided.

More back and forth between the two of them.

More back and forth between them.

They are both asked to stop their fighting.

Melissa and Erin are both asked to stop fighting once again. Erin posts a comment that she deletes. From what Melissa says in a couple of pictures, I think Erin called Melissa a hypocritical b**ch. Melissa says she is done and Erin continues to push the situation.

Erin keeps pushing the situation. Melissa's last entry was at 3:59 am.

Just like Melissa says in the note she created on April 19 "Melissa Speaks Up" page, Melissa stopped, Erin kept pushing, Melissa ignored replies from Erin (I count 7), Melissa comes back and replies to Erin's pushing and quits again, then Erin kicks Melissa out of the Skype room.

This is a Facebook message to Melissa from one of Erin's backers, David Jelinek. This was after Melissa asked to have a new Skype room created in the "team thread". It explains a bit more of what happened and what Melissa was thinking and feeling.

This is one of the places where Erin has used what Mel said in the fight January 3 to justify to another person (Erin's backer in this case) kicking Melissa out of the Skype room.

I see Melissa pushing stuff, but I also see Erin pushing too. They both were responsible for pushing the situation.

Erin's supporter is attacking Melissa and not listening to anything Melissa says. Now all of you have access to what happened between Melissa and Erin in the Skype room and can make up your own minds. Melissa was not innocent but neither was Erin. Melissa always owned up to her part of what happened.

Removing the blocks Melissa had on Erin in Facebook let Erin send the private messages to Melissa to torment her later on.

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