Monday, 22 August 2011

Melissa Lafleur

Melissa was young, vibrant and full of life. Tragically on April, 29, 2011, she was killed from injuries she sustained in a car wreck.

My name is Matt. I was Melissa's partner. I am now the legal guardian for her young daughter.

This blog was developed to continue what Melissa started. Melissa was shedding the light on the people who bullied, tormented and harassed her for months before her death. These people are Erin Button (aka Erin MostEvil and Jennifer Juniper) and Charlie Vogel (aka Bartoc, Madd Hatter and Matt Hadder). Links to their Facebook profiles are at the bottom this letter.

My girl spent the last few months of her life an emotional wreck because of these bullies. She wasn’t able to enjoy the end of her pregnancy, she went into labour almost 8 weeks early in part because of the stress her bullies put her under. Her daughter spent 10 days in NICU after she was born. When they both came home, Melissa wasn’t fully able to enjoy her baby daughter because the bullies wouldn’t leave her alone.

These are Melissa's status messages on Facebook from the day she died:

Melissa had some friends who stood beside her after she shared what was happening to her by writing a note explaining all she was being put through and divulging personal information to a group of relative strangers. Others turned their back on her.

Even after her death, it didn’t stop. One of Melissa's bullies made an appearance at a memorial celebration that Melissa's Facebook friends arranged in Castle Age.

Since I started gathering this information, I found out that Erin Button is not Erin's real name. Her married name is Erin Hewson and her maiden name is Erin Klammer. Jennifer Juniper is another Facebook account of Erin's that I discovered recently.

I ask you to read Melissa’s words about what she was put through, the details that I have been able to gather on what transpired and make your own decisions about these bullies.

I will be posting any updates on the situation or any new information that I discover on "The Updates" page.

Melissa is gone, but that does not mean that we should let these bullies move on to another victim. Show your support for Melissa and get the word out. Share this blog on Facebook, Twitter or one of the other options with the buttons in the top right of the blog. Say no to bullying and don’t let these people get away with what they have done.

Thank you,

PS: Thank you Roxy for helping me get this going. I wouldn’t have known what to do without your help.


Here are the Facebook profile links for the accounts that Melissa knew of for both of her bullies:
Erin Button:
Erin MostEvil:
Jennifer Juniper:
Charlie Vogel:
Madd Hadder:
Matt Hadder:

Report them to Facebook, report them to Castle Age and report them to Dawn of the Dragons. If you are in groups with them, talk to the admins and tell them what these people have done. Stand up and say no to bullying, stand up and protect the next person from having this done to them. Stand up and protect yourself!


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  2. it reveals a "pattern of misbehavior by Melissa". why don't you be a little more specific so that i can at least address what you say is a pattern of misbehavior.

    and then later you go on to say that i have omitted material that makes melissa look bad. i included everything in this blog that is relevant to what happened between these two and the subsequent bullying that my girl was put through. i don't think everything i included in here shows melissa in a positive light, but i do think it shows the situation and what happened.

    you were not forced to read the blog. i did not sit you down in front of your computer and move your eyes from side to side and force you to comprehend the words on the page. you made a concious choice to read it.

    i have not been stalking erin. when i sent an e-mail message to erin using yahoo, i sent it to a number of versions of different e-mail sites based on her facebook profile name. she replied to me with the one from yahoo and her real name was in it. and the reason i sent her an e-mail message in the first place is cause i was told that she was going around telling people that i was sending her anonymous messages on facebook, which i wasn't. that is the one and only time i've ever contacted erin in any way.

    the november 21 skype conversation was included cause it led up to the further conversation where melissa gets upset about erin asking david to las vegas. i included it cause i think it's relevant to why melissa had a problem with what erin did cause of her past behavior. and later in the blog, it also shows that erin intended to hurt melissa by her actions. i didn't include anything further cause it wasn't relevant. you fail to mention the part where erin and melissa are trying to mend their friendship that i posted a little after that.

    the reason the status message that melissa posted is missing is cause it was deleted. i did not remove any references to the status message that she posted in her conversations with david jelinek or during the mediation attempt that happened. you are trying to make it look like i was hiding facts and i didn't.

    i'm sorry, but it is you that ignores the facts. melissa did not unfriend erin in facebook, melissa blocked her wall from erin and cause erin couldn't figure out how to block melissa from seeing her wall she decided to unfriend melissa. melissa unfriended and blocked erin in skype after the skype incident happened. the part where melissa even says that she wishes that richard knew what happened is on the "erin and charlie attack" page. i didn't include those conversations on this that melissa had with candee faulkner cause i didn't think it really mattered, especially when later melissa addressed that erin unfriended her while speaking to candee faulkner about what was said in the message that both melissa and erin were not included in.

  3. i have a distorted sense of values? i blackened the "naughty" words cause i had to. why should i block the names of the people involved in this? why should i protect the people who bullied me, melissa and others? was i supposed to block the names of people when the chats happened in a public chat room?

    if you think that david jelinek isn't backing erin when he attacks melissa for that minor status message and for asking to have a new skype room created and then says nothing when erin calls melissa a f*cking b*tch, then i'm certain nothing i say in that regard will change your mind.

    i'm desecrating her castle age account? do you even know if it was me going in there? some people still use melissa's account to fill their elite guard cause they like seeing her there. i will not shut down her castle age account. i have someone who doesn't play castle age that goes in there to open it up and do some things to keep it active so that mel's friends can continue to put her in their elite guard.

    i did not lie when i said that you could do a search on and bring up the public forum. i can't add an image here, but i'll add one to the update page as soon as i send this

    the reason i'm obsessed with it is cause erin and charlie are trying the same tactics with me now. so yes maybe i'm tired of seeing these people get away with it time and time again. if you read the update page, you'd see that charlie attacked me in castle age and you'd see that threats were issued to the group that i play castle age and dawn of the dragons with. wouldn't you be a little obsessed when the people who went after your girl start doing the same thing to you? sure i'd planned on doing this blog, but i never actually got around to it until they came after me in the same way they went after my girl. when they came after me that night, it brought everything that my girl went through back to the surface.

    you want the hate and harassment to stop? then tell erin and charlie to quit bullying people. that's what i'm trying to get people to do. but you come in here with your half facts and full blown accusations with no proof on your end and even ignoring the things in this blog that tell you differently. go see the things i mentioned in here that counteract what you say.

    why don't you try telling erin and charlie to stop harassing people? they are the ones who keep going after folks, bullying and harassing them and issuing threats.

  4. i changed mel's picture so that her account would not be shut down by facebook for not having a real picture of her up there. it wasn't so that people would see the blog. if you read the facebook terms of service, you'll see that having a real picture as your profile picture is in there. i was informed that they were cracking down on that so i went in and added a previous profile picture she had in her account to the character she used in castle age

    more unfounded and unproven accusations on your part

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  7. I have removed the comments entered by FuelsGold (aka Richard Campbell) as they are a defamation of my character and of the character of Melissa Lafleur. I have proven the defamation by addressing the lies and false claims that he has made toward me and I can do the same regarding the claims he has made about Melissa.

    The subsequent comments that he posted only served to show that he has no intention of looking for the truth in this matter or discuss what I have posted in this blog, but that he only wishes to defame my name as well as Melissa's and cause unnecessary grief.

    I have explained this and other things on the "Updates" page.